Philip comes to dinner!


                                                                        Leaning Over



Here are drawings of my friend Philip. Philip is back from long journey around Europe. He got lots of notebooks and I'd love to have some of his drawings here.
We talked (a lot!)
BM: Do you think travelling affected your work somehow? Or you just draw whatever comes to your mind?
Philip: Hello Blue Monkey. Travelling always effects me, it is something I love to do, and this carries through to the drawings. I find one of the best things about travelling is making notebook work.
BM:That means you always have a notebook with you and draw in all these strange places?
P: Yes, I normally carry my notebook around, though often I will draw something after I have seen it or I will see something that I want to incorporate into a drawing and then later when I find a quite moment will do the drawing.
BM: That's really noble of you to do so! I used to like drawing on the spot, but now it's too cold to sit on the pavement. I think I'll wait for a summer. What about colours? Do you always follow the colours younsee around you or you invent them sometimes? (Ido, but I'm Blue Monkey after all)
P:Noble? Ehm... I don't really plan it out too much, note book work is fun, it is something I like doing. If the fancy takes me, I'll draw something on the spot. Sometimes I like to use the colours I see, but even if I don't they are usually a starting point.
BM: Great! I was going to ask what's your favorite colour is, but then it's too silly. I don't think you'll answer? (Just in case, main is yellow)
P: I like yellow too :o) especially the whole thing about it representing either happiness or madness. I think my favourite is blue (maybe everybody says that), I like the sky. Tell me Blue Monkey, if you eat a yellow banana, does it poop green?
BM: Sometimes it does! Sometimes it's rainbow coloured, cos I like to eat lots of stuff.
Now, tell me do you like my drawings? (Think, before you answer!)
P: Of course I like your drawings Blue Monkey, they are amazing, especially the rainbow coloured ones.
BM:Great! Didn't expect you'd say anything else! Anyway, thanks for joining me today, hope to see more of you!
P:Thank you for having me here Blue Monkey, it was wonderful. See you soon.

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