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Once upon a time there was a lovely bird. She was very lazy. She was too lazy to sing so she never sang. Nobody heard her voice. She was too lazy to fly so she learn how to walk. She walked very lazily and everybody said she got beautiful long legs. She was too lazy to do anything so she was never in any trouble. All she did was sleeping. Nobody knew what color were her eyes. She had them closed all the time. She became known as Very Wise bird. She was worshiped. I don't know what happen to her. I don't know yet. Probably she spent her whole life in her dreams.


This is Birdy. Half-fantasy, half-woman. I drew her cause I want to feel better about myself.

Found Joy

I found this drawing on the street. It was raining. I fished it out from a small paddle and carried around in my hand until it was dry enough to put it safely in my bag. I did my best not to ruin it. Was it a self-portrait? I love it because it is pure joy.

Going backwards.

I wish I can be synchronized with the rest of the world, but no such luck.

Watching Olympics.

It seems like I have totally different show in my head.