Every time when I'm away from home (whenever  it is) I always try to find my favorite constellation, Ursa Major. And after that I always look for Ursa Minor. I picture them as two bears, mother and child from the time I was very little and my dad taught me how to find them. Of course my dad was referring to Polaris (Northern Star ) cos if you now there this star is you are never lost. I missed the part why  because I only could think about how Ursa Minor will find his mum, Ursa Major. I was such a  silly girl!
The thing is Polaris is not going to be Northern Star forever. Some other stars are going to take its place. Even stars change their way.
This drawing is not about stars at all. It called Lullaby (so predictable). It's about growing up and being a child forever. Something never changes. Like loving your child. You just never stop, do you?

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