power of art.

Went to art lecture today. (ME? And art lecture? how did that happen?) It was first one in a series of lectures on public art and it was on the public art as it was practiced in Mexico during the aftermath of the Revolution. And lecturer was actually born in Mexico, so he knows what it's all about. Of course, Diego Rivera was the centre of the talk.  I knew about him, but not because of Frida, or this  film about her. (I read a book by Diego Rivera 'My art, my life'. He was a genius, that's right). Anyone who knows anything about a Revolution has to know about murals of Diego. I wish I can see them in a real life, but even a projection was fantastic because it gives an impression of the real thing - it's gigantic. Of course names of David Alfaro Sequeiros and José Clemente Orozco were mentioned. And Francisco Goitia - I didn't know anything about him - such a life! And some images, which I didn't see, but knew a name - like Tina Modotti. 
all in all that was good experience. Maybe there is something in the air about changes and that's why this lecture was so engaging. Not just some arty stuff they talk about usually. It was about life. 
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