From the beginning.

I made my Blue Monkey in January 2008, long before I set up my blog, named after her. I can't believe how time is flying.

My inspiration was Dikika baby , it's a world oldest baby – Australopithecus afareusis – 3,3 millions years.( Australopiths, then Genus Homo, then Homo Sapiens, Thar's how it goes, I think)
It's a baby who belongs to spiecies between apes and humans. She could climb trees and she could walk on two legs. She was carried around by her mum, she didn't grip to her mother with four limbs. She died as a baby and her fossils were found in Ethiopia. It's rare to find fossils of hominins with face, not just bones.
I was so fascinated by this story, I can't explain why. I started to make her straight away and spend lots of time trying to figure out how to make her face. I settled on making her with a baby's cranium and ears resembling  human's ears.  I decided to simplify her limbs. It was a struggle to decide on the matter of the tail. Apes don't have them, but I was making a monkey - I have to educate myself on that subject. But I wasn't making an illustration to a popular science article,I just chose it as a starting point and I was messing around with my yarn making a toy. Eventually the important decision was made, no tail. Here she is, strange Dikika baby. Recently for some reason I decided she has to has a dress and all that stuff. Have no idea why, but I made her Trek inspired dress. What next?

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