I made up this story long time ago when I was given a rag doll as a present. I unearthed  this story and drawings from it's hiding place (I totally forgot about it) recently and Philip said my drawings are good enough to show. Here it goes. Mind you there is a lot of 'kicking out' I don't know why.
I didn't change anything.

Betty the Angry Baby.
Betty always was an angry baby. She made her babysitters cry and sent them home. She kicked the pet flamingo out of the house. She spat into waterlily pond and sent a couple of ducks, some fish, a turtle and an entire population of leeches flying.
Some people thought the parents were to blame.But her parents have seven other children, who weren't as angry.They were a lawyer, a paramedic, a movie star, an astronaut,a vet,a footballer and a librarian.The parents weren't to blame. They weren't happy with Betty and kicked her out.

She travelled around the world for a while and then decided to settle down.She found a tower without a staircase. Three wonderfully dressed witches lived there.They liked gardening, reading and tea parties.Betty the Angry Baby made friends with them and then kicked them out too.
She lived alone. She studied magic and how to be a warrior.She learned how to turn herself into a cat, a fish and how to fly. She knew how to made herself look beautiful. Sometimes she was very happy. But she was still as angry as always.She enjoyed making storms and hurricanes when she felt like it.Even when a handsome stranger (of course he was rich, cool and kind) fell in love with her, she wasn't amused and didn't not change.He was disappointed. He soon became sad and bitter. He left.
Betty got a baby boy. He was the most amazing baby in the world. When he grew up, he built a plane. He flew away to see other people. He never called. He never wrote a letter. He never came back.Betty felt so helpless she couldn't even make a simple acid rain. Her son broke her heart. She died soon.
An apple tree grew form her broken heart.
Other trees grew near it and soon her burial place became an orchard.  


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