New stuff.

I started new work. It's amazing to be able to make something new instead of recycling old drawings, ideas, images, dreams. It's been too long since I've done something new. My technic is a bit  barbaric bit I liked it and anyway who cares. I spend two days just wondering around and looking at the trees trying to understand what's is so intriguing about them. Obviously, it is spring, and new leaves and stuff, but that just the same every year, so no point to repeat: 'Look it is green and blah, blah, blah...'  I looked like I never seen anything like that before. All had to stay in my memory, nothing on paper, except quick Biro sketches at home.
And today was lashing rain and I had time to doodle all these things I saw. That's my spring is kind of my own, a little strange and violent but that's how I see it.

All images Mixed media on paper, 23x18cm
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