Frogs and I.

I haven't been doing life drawing for a long time now.
I lost a lot of skills but it's never too late to start again. First I have to find life drawing classes or groups. It's not difficult but it'll take some time to organize and can be really frustrating in the beginning when drawing are really bad. Usually they are in the beginning. they will improve, of course with time. One has to be patient. But from my experience, it's scary to start again and find out you have to struggle with each of your drawings,knowing you used to be really good. Besides places for classes usually suck, they are badly lit by artificial light and crowded. Such is life.
And I have to wait because there is no way I can find a class TODAY, because I might change my mind next week.
What a heck, I thought, I'll just draw something right now, preferably not from photos or memory, something REAL and 3d. First thing I saw was a plush toy I bought while traveling(where? I forgot, silly me). Here they are, my Frogs. I used pencil and back of brown shopping bag.

These are tree different drawings (first two are just try-outs, 3rd and 4rth are two stages of the final drawing. I decided to sort out a mess in the right corner, but not to great success. Well that's all for now.
PS. If anyone thinks it's a 15 min job, then it's wrong. I spend 2 hours making this stuff (would you believe it?) 

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