Octopus Tale.

Once upon a time (actually, last week) there was an octopus. He lived in Grand Canal.
That's in Dublin, in case you don't know.
Here it is. Very small, tiny you can say, only 5 cm across the body (or his head?. Anyway, here he is.

Osya is all alone

Osya from above

Life sucks!


Wait a minute!

I need a friend!

So he went and found a friend or two. Maybe even more, I don't know, he doesn't talk much.
Yeah, it's kind of trivial and childish story. Blue Monkeys wants Osya gets eaten by a Giant Swan or run by a Blue Bicycle. I must choose between Blue Monkey's ambitions as serious writer and happiness of Osya the Octopus. I hope I did right choice.
PS: Blue Monkey says life sucks too. Oh, Dear.

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