Santa Claus' Secret Life

Some years ago I decided to make lots of Xmas cars for my friends. I was liking this idea of not liking Xmas as it become really commercial affair and it was madness on the street and people were going crazy about buying SO much stuff for presents, and there were so much pressure about getting RIGHT things and not screw it up. What are you doing for Xmas? that question was driving me mad. What I'm supposed to do? Go on some remote vocation? Stay in 5 star hotel? Have a party? I was QUIETLY celebrating Christmas with my family, we had the same fiber - optic Xmas tree for ages and we never had a WHOLE turkey for a Xmas meal because we're really small family unit and we like sweets better. Simple it was compare to others. That's why I were a little annoyed by LETS HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL XMAS OF YOUR LIFE agenda. Maybe I was a little jealous.
Must say THAT was before credit crunch, obviously. Now I really like all the shops decorating their window with small signs: 'STAFF WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS. Must have good English.'
Anyway, I made these cards and distributed to all my classmates, friends, teachers and everybody else, who felt like have it.
The Idea was, what Santa has his own life, and has to keep it i secret. Because nobody will like it and respect his choice. He is expected to deliver presents and that's it.
I don't know what it was really about, and hope I didn't offend anyone's feelings. Some of card were not really good, but some of them I like.