Secret Life of Santa, Part II.

OK, about these cards I made.
One of my classmates liked this idea so much (he told me so), he started making them too. Same thing, different secrets. Then he told me he's going to have an exhibition of his drawings. I said: Am I invited to show too? He said: NO. I freaked out, but there was no way to stop him. His drawings, his expo. Funny thing, I don't know now why I was so upset? (I was). Some people told me that's a rip off, but I'm not sure now. He just outsmarted me. And he wasn't alone, cause he had this exhibition with one of our tutors too. Both of them had my cards as a present for Xmas.
So now I think that was a pay back form Santa for making his secrets known to the public.
Anyway, here some more of those I like.
You can see the whole bunch here 
If you want some of them, just let me know I'll sent them to you for free.
PS. Just to be fair: My Santa was tragic, pathetic and almost human. His Santa was total  jerk.

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