Xmas expo.

We're having a small exhibition. We  have to come up with a title.

So far I have silly ones like
Acrylic Christmas.
Square Christmas (cos painting are 12X12")
9 (cos there are 9 of us)
Is there a Santa? ( that's the worst)
Bring A Torch
A Marshmallow Wold (cos my painting looks kinda like it)
C - H - R - I - S - T - M - A - S
Just a SHow
At Christmas We Always Fight.
That's all. Lets see that others have :)

Пока лидирует Is there a Santa? А я надеялась, что 9 будет самым удачным.

PS. I was a little Crazy Auntie today, which is not cool at all by normal people standards, but all well for Blue Monkey. Talked a lot, that's that. And walked around holding an orange bucket close to my chest. While there was a girl form some interior magazine. To write about stuff.
I'm unspeacable.
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