I called it Blue Flower Dark Moon

Our exhibition closed yesterday. We took down our stuff, arranged new meeting and that was it. Our first show as a group. Nothing is going to last forever!

Funny things it is I was worried what my friends would think about Blue Monkey. Misha thanks again for you support and kind words!  But what I should worry about is how my art might totally betray me in a such clever way, I would not even know. Example:
We got a comment book. You know, this book for people to write whatever they want. We got few of these comments. My favorites (in no particular order!)  are: Art gone Mad and Pile of Rubbish. It's always good to have something like that. It shows we're doing something real. If people come and then go out a little bit upset, that's good. Means they run into something they didn't see before. Great!
Anyway about betrayal. I and my friends, all wrote an artistic statement explaining what I'm doing and how my work is connected with the whole thing. I said something like that: 'In my work I explore the relationship between Drawing and Word, Word and Image, Image and Drawing. I am interested in  Pádraig Pearse's fascination with mythology and his belief that language is an important part of identity.I started to compare some of the Ulster Cycle myths with some Russian folk tales. I wanted to find a simple image. I decided to concentrate on images of a girl and a dog. They both represent waiting. Waiting is not just a passive state of mind and body. Stillness is not stagnation. Calm is not submission. Waiting represents a gradual accumulation of power and anger.' That's I wrote in my oh, so clever statement for public. And you know what? I found a comment relating to one of my drawings: Loved the girl who needs to be loved. Thanks, Jim! I don't know you, but I think you are right in a some strange way.
Here is the image.
Photo by Андрей

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