look what I've got! Philip sent me this my super- favorite book! I read it ages ago, and I'm re-reading it all the time.

I sent something today (didn't know this book is already MINE, all MINE,  my precious (sorry, carried away a bit in a wrong direction) to Philip too. So, that's balance of something something (anything ) restored. I was slapping my hands not to post it here, but then it wouldn't  be a surprise would it?
Anyway, here it goes, Tove Jansson book!
These are characters I admire the most. Little My and Snuffkin (in Russian he was Snusmumrik)
OK, I'm done for now.
O,I'm also reading other books, 4 altogether, some of them are total bore, but they are useful (like one about Joseph Beuys).
today is warm and sunny, and someone plays jazzy music with their windows open.
And I have tiny  apple pies. Life is good?

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