Notes for CCA:RDS

I made and destroyed my drawings twice on purpose (in Berlin Soft Confines 06.08.2010 and CFCP, Dublin Smaller than Life 21. 10 10 ).
For CCA:RDS I'm doing  a project SAVE IMAGE AS... which is making one drawing while destroying another.
I work on two layers of paper. First one is a drawing, second one is a blank sheet of paper underneath.
People are  tearing pieces of the first layer. They usually want to keep these pieces. Then I have to draw on the blank paper underneath to fill the gap and replace missing peice. There are going two transient drawings, the first one is ceasing to exist and another one emerging. There is an elements of surprise and randomness because I don't know exactly what I'm going to draw. I rely on improvisation and imagination.

That way it is about not only destroying but about making place for a new one. I may want to recycle and reuse some parts of the first drawing in the making of the new one.
I document the process as much as I could. It's different from working in a studio, it requires an audience participation.
I'm trying to to think about
Selectiveness Censorship Fear of Failure Participation Value of making Anticipation Importance of Destroying Replacing Rearranging Changing Regretting Accepting Drawing
while I'm making and destroying stuff but really I don't have time.
                                                                  BEFORE: 4 big drawings 

Piece taken by Sean Hillen and Sean Hillen :)
and Sean Hillen's site 
Replacement made  by me

Piece taken by Giles Ryder (photo of Giles is following a bit later :)

Piece taken by Ian Wiechzorek on behalf of Nuisanse Bear 
Ian Wieczorek
                                                 A bear which Ian drew instead of the Bear he took with him!
A Wolf taken by Alice 

Juliette Saumande and Aidan have this one

Scary  Bunny is gone too.


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