I@ve been doing serious knitting recently. Got a bright idea: lets make presents for the kids by hand! Right.
Started knitting two NORO scarves.
A beautiful yarn, beautiful concept. Love it.
I got Silk Garden (for the boy) and Kureyon (the blue-starry one for the girl,)
Amazing expirience. Took me ages to finish though.
Here they are.

I left them in a snow and run like a wind up the stairs to take a photo from the balcony. It might give you some idea about challenge I faced. I was told the scarves must be very long. I stopped measuring after 2 m. One appears to be shorter, but that's because it refused to unroll in a full lenght. You can't really argue with unanimated objects for too long. I gave in after like a 100th attempt to unroll it.

It's snowing again, I'm going out. You know, my Russian soul demands snow and stuff. Cross-country skiing or something.
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