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Notes for CCA:RDS
Forgot to say: there are 69 drawings on wood, not just poxy four. Plus new 5 m long drawing for destroying.
I bought Fabriano Paper Roll 150x1000 cm (a roll)! here
For my new project Save Image As in CCA:RDS. I'm doing my thing, destroying stuff, also I'm exibiting some nice drawings on wood (below) They will live. Each one is 7x10 cm.

Collective Contemporary Art: RDS (CCA: RDS) will take place 5th – 7th November 2010 in the Industries Hall (Hall 4) of the RDS.

A Way of Collecting - In many ways the approach to collecting and to buying Art should be the same as most collecting activities: it should mean something to you in the widest sense and tell a story of your choices.

Breathing new life into the 18th century tradition of exhibition, CCA: RDS 2010 will utilise wood used as stables for the Dublin Horse Show, to create a platform for over 40 artists. Selected from open call by an international panel, artists will showcase their artworks: painting, sculpture, installation, light and sound,.

The exhibition will be enhanced by collaboration, in white cube layout, w…