The Academy Project

The Academy Project

exhibition of paintings and drawings opens
on Thursday 3rd  March 2011@5.30pm
at The ACADEMY, Pearse St, Dublin 2.
Participating artists: Mandy Kunze (Germany)
Liubov Kadyrova, Ian Wieczorek, Catherine Ryan (Ireland)
and Charlotte Swann (Wales)
 Just in case:
 Mandy Kunze
Ian Wieczorek
Catherine Ryan

Also VAI

Looking forward!
Now,the explanation  what it is all about,  long overdue.

The Academy Project, an exhibition of paintings and drawings representing a repositioning of traditional landscape and still life subject matter into a contemporary context, opens at The Academy in Pearse Street, Dublin 2 on Thursday 3rd March 2011. The Academy Project comprises works by artists Mandy Kunze, Ian Wieczorek, Liubov Kadyrova, Catherine Ryan and Charlotte Swann.

These five artists are taking the opportunity to show their work outside of the usual gallery setting thanks to the generosity and vision of the owner of The Academy Paul Anderson and John McNally, McNally Handy & Partners. The innovative approach - an extension of art's social boundaries beyond the institutional context - not only exposes visual art to a wider public experience. In the current economic climate where many galleries are being forced to close their doors, it also offers the visual artist a means to artistic survival.

Now newly restored, The Academy was originally built in 1824 and has long been a centre for arts and culture in Dublin, including serving as sculptor Edmund Sharp’s carving works in 1911. With its artistic connections, now 100 years later it is hard to imagine a more appropriate setting for a contemporary visual art exhibition.

The five artists would like to thank Paul Anderson, John McNally, McNally Handy &Partners and Michael Batty for their interest and support in the realisation of this project.

PS. Also thanks to Ian for major help in writing this statement.
Blue Monkey, aka Bunny Rogers.

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