Day 5.

Other artists of the city and the  Paradise drawing. 
mixed media on wood, 10,5x6,5 cm

The other day I was someone is drawing (painting) on the street. Went over and asked if I could take a photo. It's a street and people don't think twice before they take photos of everything and everyone. I stopped take photos without any particular reason. (The reason is always References. No more mindless clicking). So I don't know what's got into me and why I asked the artist if he wouldn't mind. He didn't. Thanks!

That's all. There are other artists around and it make me feel like I might just fit in.

Also lovely Andrea came to visit me and we were drawing together for a while.
Here it is, Andrea's drawing of Paradise. Look!
Thank you, Andrea!

The Paradise. A4, pencils on cartridge paper.


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