Mainstream art criticism focuses on the formal appearance....

of physical objects .....
Grant H. Kester, Conversation Pieces, p. 10,
At the core of 'The Bridges' (2007) was sharing the stories about migrant's experiences.  The act of listening was important as much as speaking. It was a happy coincidence that Jay Koh was at the time in RDS and we had a short  friendly chat. Back then  I didn't know anything about “aesthetics of listening” which is an integral part of his artistic practice. I intuitively discovered  that idea of conversation, creating a dialogue is worth to surrender the security of self-expression, that's all. 
My current project in Exchange created a provisional community outside the differences in background, education, age, profession of the participant and it is open-ended project. Only one question:  Should work of art solicit participation and involvement so openly?
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