Soviet Commercial Design of the twenties...

 The artist is Dmitrii Bulanov (1898-1942). I found some info about him. Graphic artist, poster designer, illustrator. Great-grandson of the Decembrist Vasily Ivashev (1797–1841), grandson of the feminist Maria Trubnikova (1835–1897) and son of revolutionaries Anatoly Bulanov (1858–1918) and Olga Trubnikova (1858–1942). Born in Nizhny Novgorod (1898) and moved with his family to St Petersburg (1906). Visited Germany, Italy and Switzerland (1910). Graduated from Professor Nikolai Shepovalnikov’s private grammar school (1917) and studied at the Petrograd State Free Art Studios (1918–19). Lived in Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa, where he worked for the local branches of the Russian Telegraph Agency (1920–22). Returned to Petrograd (1923), where he was principal designer of the Life of Art magazine (1923). Collaborated with publishing houses, illustrating children’s books and magazines (1924–26). Headed the technical section of the State Advertising Board (1926–28). Designed political posters and advertisements for Leningrad Zoo (1927–32) and worked for the Maly Theatre of Opera (1930s). Arrested and sentenced to ten years in corrective labour camps (1941). Died in prison hospital at Zlatoust (1942). Posthumously rehabilitated (1989). Contributed to the First State Free Exhibition of Works of Art in Petrograd (1919)here

I should say, that these images above are lacking a very interesting piece of info: artist's signature. He was a commercial artist at the times when it wasn't a big deal... or so the book said: Bulanov was ahead of his time.

Editor M. Anikst

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