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I found howI really would like to draw....


please, bring me luck :)


Just love it...


what I'm looking forward to...

12-26 September Eleven Forms An exhibition of Drawings at Exchange Gallery, Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
that's my new expo.  I'm going to make this stuff in the gallery, meet people, chat with some, hopefully to see some friends, too. That's the plan. 
I have few drawings prepared, as a start, but the main idea is to draw every day, for 2 weeks, in the gallery and see, what good can come from it. 
also anyone who wants to join the fun is more than welcome. It's just this is not a workshop and the  art materials not  provided. Please, bring your own stuff. I am interested in my artistic practice in all aspects of participation, collaboration and make-it along stuff. The basic of all it is just to get some people (with drawing materials) in one place and get going, right? 
Also there is no opening night, but  on 23rd September (Culture Night 2011) I am  going to try and make  a large scale drawing with help from friends and visitors (hopefully). 
Exchange Gallery …