How to learn sketching techniques,

just reading about them makes me want to cry. Don't know why, it's just the way it is. Maybe because it's so frustrating to look at the sketches  all done and think: that's a lot of crap.... what to do with it anyway? 
But if there is anyone doodling away in a free and careless manner, then I'm all for it. It doesn't matter if half of the time I have no idea what's that on the page of the notebook, still, it's fun to be able to stay on the other people's way and draw. I noticed that then I'm trying to take photos in order  to remember, I cant' recall any images later at all. When I draw there is always something I have an understanding that I was present at this moment in my life. It doesn't matter if I've been drawing something completely unimportant or even not particularly interesting in the eyes of other people...and most of the time that's not going to be developed in anything more completed or sometimes it's just not even a project, and doesn't have to have a purpose or lead to anything... right, it's time to stop :) it's not about sketching technique, I don't even have a point, looks like it. I just wanted to post some of my sketches I've done on a very short trip to Barcelona. 
Parc de Cuitadella, no parrots :) 
Rambla de Mar
The Gran Teatre del Liceu  there is no royal box.
just a random street
even more random
swinging bridge opens and they all just going so fast I can't believe it

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