2 out of 50 a day.

I am making 50 small sketches a day. it's fun. They are very quick sketches, I try to spend an hour on them all. I don't select a special point of view, it's just a random place. I make a few drawings (usually 10), then I go further ahead, usually 100 steps (I try to take bigger steps), and that's my new point of view. Again, I don't get to choose deliberately what to draw, I start drawing whatever comes to my view.  After a while I see a lot of interesting things I would never even notice otherwise. I allow myself then to concentrate on something but it's not a conscious decision.
The lesson to learn here? I am not sure yet. I have to do more sketches.

That's the very first of the 3rd session and the last of 4th. It took more than 10 drawings to get to the point. 
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