Hurrah (also hoorah) I am giving away two tickets!

Fox of Stillorgan Underwater,
acrylic and oil on canvas,

Orange Tent,acrylic and oil on canvas,

Snowstorm,acrylic and oil on canvas,

Flood of Fox, acrylic and oil on canvas,

Three Conkers, The Play,acrylic and oil on canvas,

Under the Duvet,acrylic and oil on canvas,

Valentina, The Opera,acrylic and oil on canvas,
It's going to be a challenge working at the Art Source  Art Fair in RDS, Dublin, Nov 9th-11th. I've been  there before, but either I was doing a  project, or this one,   or workshop or participated in curated exhibition of Contemporary Art. I felt safe and kind of sheltered. This time I am on my own, there is no place to hide. I've worked hard, done my best, but what will come up from this, I don't know. I am sure I'll meet a lot of interesting but very busy people. Some friends will show up, and that makes me feel better.
I have two free  tickets for a Preview Night, 8th November, so I would gladly give them away to anyone who wants to come and show support for me and Fox of Stillorgan. Just leave a comment below or post on Facebook (click on the FB badge below) , and if you're in Dublin on Thursday 8th November,then  two tickets are yours! 
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