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Skating Rink, Daytime.


Skating Rink

Well, I could... very badly. And only if there is no other people or I don't have to turn around. But I could have a go just not to feel to sad for myself.

Просто "На Катке".
Я не умею кататься на коньках. Я могу прокатиться, надев коньки... но это не считается.

Animal-head hats and matching mittens have been a trend

for a good while now (I had my own version in 2009). I've made a sketch of two kids wearing such hats a while ago.  I noticed that the  hats have their own life, there on my page. I do not believe they could have a possession of the owner or somehow influence his or her character. But I did that sketch,  didn't I? Just wonder how wild were our innocent plays then we are playing as kids? I remember we were playing a very wicked game chasing each other around the street, and we had some kind of name for that game, we invented it ourselves and it wasn't sweet and pleasant at all. Or maybe it was just my imagination. These hats are popular with the grown-ups too. Just an observation, no deep thoughts.

 Шапки, выглядящие как головы разных животных, стали популярными давно, и среди детей, и среди взрослых. У меня была такая, самодельная, правда, не настолько "щенячья", просто намек на глазки и лапки. Потеряла, возвращаясь из Амстердама. Я сделал набросок для этого ри…

Зажигай with CrockoFly!

That's my new favorite character. A CrockoFly, a Very attractive and adventurous creature. Anything and everything is much better if a CrockoFly is around. CrockoFly is harmless if not provoked..

Habitat:Houses, Cars, Gardens and Sheds. Enemies: Chefs, Housewives  and Scientists.  Friends: Kids, Pets and I. Likes: Toys, Dirty Fingernails, Stinky Cups and Rotten Tomatoes. Danzing and Zinging. Dislikes: None