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Ranelagh Art Centre

Yellow. At the Ranelagh Arts Center.

Dragonflies at the expo

Dragonflies at the expo, a photo by Liu Blue Monkey on Flickr. Two of my dragonflies in the Ranelagh Art Centre, Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012, Dublin.
Made from stuff.

Blue Monkey with Jolly Craft of Box Art at...

the Ranelagh Arts Festival's contemporary visual art exhibition.

This year, the Ranelagh Arts Festival is holding its first exhibition of contemporary visual art. This is an open exhibition and features painting, photography, installation and sculpture from a range of Irish and international artists the exhibition will be open daily throughout the festival from 12-7pm at the (market venue, Ranelagh Village) Opening the exhibition on Saturday 15th September will be Robert Ballagh, and there will be music from The Emilie Conway Jazz Trio”: doors open from 6pm.
Come and see us :)

Jolly Craft of Box Art Ranelagh Arts Festival’s Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art September 2012

This is a showcase of art obects I made from recycled (up-cycled) materials. I like working with materials such as old magazines, papers, old phone derectories and various boxes and containers. Usually they get discarded, recycled or just thrown out but could be reused in many ways. Some stuff lying aroin…

A New Puppy.

Look, it's a new Puppy...
He is called Nespresso (because his  ears say so...Probably, because they made out of Nespresso boxes, and his eyes are partially coffee containers), guess it's a really hyperactive puppy, that's his superpower, oh, no.)  Ian made this N-Puppy using boxes with Makedo connectable system.