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Keep watching, keep drawing.

Just a few doodles I made at the gallery (invigilating, that kind of thing I've been doing :) 

iPhone Clear Painting Art App.

This is

the ruins of a Roman arena and bathhouses at (or next to) this museum in the Nice Cimiez neighborhood (right next to the Matisse Museum).

Art in Monaco

I have no idea what it is, the gallery is  closed on Sunday.

A letter for FB.

It's been a year since my last show and more than a year and a half since I left an art group, feeling unworthy, stupid and humiliated. Ah, well, happens all the time, who cares. I handled it by starting a new life.  Learned to dance (a little shaky and wonky). Learned to swim (apparently not so bad). Went to a job searching training course. Learned how to write a CV (try to explain a ten years gap in an employment history) Applied for a FAS course in office administration or something like that. Rejected such course when an opportunity came. Tried make a career of making sandwiches in a very busy shop for 9 months. Went on holidays, bought stuff, threw stuff away. Started going to gym 5 times a week. Sometimes twice a day. XAXA. Met old friends, made new ones. Have spent hours on the Internet, switching just between 2 or 3 familiar sites, which makes one more pathetic.
And some other stuff too, not very important, but lovely.  Anything “arty” I made in between was something…

An Expo opening was brilliant!

It was a great stuff, had a really nice time, totally forgot how great it is, it was too long since the last expo Feel like posting lots of photos :)