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Fox of Stillorgan, Art Source 2012, 9-11 November, RDS, Dublin

Fox of Stillorgan is a character inspired by an article I read in a newspaper about Urban Foxes in 2010 and I have been drawing Fox of Stillorgan ever since.  Fox of Stillorgan going about his every day activities is a main subject of my paintings. The composition of each painting  is simplistic and routine yet playful and fertile, allowing its audience to feel secure yet challenged. Fox of Stillorgan demands ones attention even if not always imposing.  Fox of Stillorgan’s  simplicity and repetitive nature allows me to explore painting as a subject and medium. Or, there is a chance that I'm enjoying it so  much I have to remind myself it is a very  serious matter...  As the Foxof Stillorgan  said before:Hi,my name is Fox. I live in Stillorgan. I have an imaginary friend. Her name is Liu and she lives in my head...

Fox of Stillorgan

made his way in my notebooks in the beginning of 2011, but the very first Fox of Stillorgan appeared sometime in the autumn of 2010. It was a small painting like these (no photo, sorry) which was sold at the CCA:RDS 2010. Since then Fox of Stillorgan became a very important character in my drawings. I don't have a fixed day for his Birthday, so I just declare this is Fox Time right now.
Happy life to my Fox of Stillorgan.

Getting ready

for the Art Source 2012.
Stretching canvases isn't my strength really, but it has to be done. I re-stretched one particular canvas three times already and it still looks awful. I have to say it looked OK until I started painting. Anyway, I'm determined to get my way and will stick to my words and wrestle with that till they look pretty and marvelous. I can't disappoint Blue Monkey. She was there for me all the time :)

Life drawing.

I've been going to the Thursday night Life Drawing classes at the United Arts Club since 2004 I think, on and off  and finally I decided to show one of the pieces at the group's exhibition. it's a quick sketch, half of the 20 min. The first half of the time was spent on  thinking what goes where and looking for a right pencil.