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And the tickets ....

The tickets gone to Eli!

Hurrah (also hoorah) I am giving away two tickets!

It's going to be a challenge working at the Art Source  Art Fair in RDS, Dublin, Nov 9th-11th. I've been  there before, but either I was doing a  project, or this one,   or workshop or participated in curated exhibition of Contemporary Art. I felt safe and kind of sheltered. This time I am on my own, there is no place to hide. I've worked hard, done my best, but what will come up from this, I don't know. I am sure I'll meet a lot of interesting but very busy people. Some friends will show up, and that makes me feel better.
I have two free  tickets for a Preview Night, 8th November, so I would gladly give them away to anyone who wants to come and show support for me and Fox of Stillorgan. Just leave a comment below or post on Facebook (click on the FB badge below) , and if you're in Dublin on Thursday 8th November,then  two tickets are yours!