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Rain-Drawing with Rain.

I took  paper.
I put it out the window, like some clothes to air-dry...
I waited for rain to start (yeah, well, the irony of that, it's been raining like crazy all morning till I got this idea)
Rain did all the work. I just had to add a few drops of ink.

2 out of 50 a day.

I am making 50 small sketches a day. it's fun. They are very quick sketches, I try to spend an hour on them all. I don't select a special point of view, it's just a random place. I make a few drawings (usually 10), then I go further ahead, usually 100 steps (I try to take bigger steps), and that's my new point of view. Again, I don't get to choose deliberately what to draw, I start drawing whatever comes to my view.  After a while I see a lot of interesting things I would never even notice otherwise. I allow myself then to concentrate on something but it's not a conscious decision.
The lesson to learn here? I am not sure yet. I have to do more sketches.

That's the very first of the 3rd session and the last of 4th. It took more than 10 drawings to get to the point.


Just some sketches I made today. All are on paper 9x9cm, so there are 6 of them on A4 page.

All Drawings.