Fox Today.

Panic sets in an ordinary post-Xmas household as unattended Box of Chocolate is found.
But does Fox of Stillorgan worry?
No, he doesn't and makes Hot Chocolate! (this time in a very ordinary kitchen, forget the Sun-powered arrangements.)

Old family recipe calls for dark chocolate, but any other kind of chocolate will do.
Melt two or three giant chocolate buttons (that was the kind Fox found), a bit of  milk and dark cocoa powder (just a pinch really), in a small saucepan (over the larger pan of boiling water, it prevents form burning, scorching and staining)   till smooth, add more  milk, stir well, remove from the improvised water bath,  heat gently on the cooker hob, stirring occasionally. Ready!

you might want use the prettiest mug, as Fox did.

Why bother? there is no thing such gone off milk chocolate!
Money saved on buying drinking chocolate (one of must -haves for the dark winter nights) could go to a good cause.... or  Fox thinks so....

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