Is it just me? two parts.

OK, there is the thing, how about if  someone makes stuff (very pretty and great, all that) from re-cycled materials. That's good, right? But it turns out he/she uses lots of materials that technically are not recycled, degradable or anything like that. Stinks, right? I just don't get it. Paper is tough but it could be recycled. Laminated paper? I mean not printed paper with glossy of matt finish, but page from mag between two layers of hard plastic. How is that better than just a magazine going into recycling bin? What's the point of generating more plastic things there plenty as it is.

I came across some of that nonsense on Etsy. sure everyone is making their own decision. Laminating stuff what not supposed to last for long made from disposable materials in order to give it a longer shelf life just doesn't sit right with me.

Anyway, that's enough grumpiness...
On the bright side, and to inspire all who cares to be inspired. It's so much better in real life...
Basil Blackshaw, Yellow Rabbit.
2001, oil on canvas, 101,5x89 cm

RHA, 2013. 

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