Fox of Stillorgan in the Underworld.

As there were more deaths in the Familyof Foxes, the Fox of Stillorgan journeyed to the Underworld.
All sorts of sounds which made no sense to Fox accompanied him as he went. The Fox could not tell what is was, a new melody in the making or broken and randomly stuck together pieces of old songs .(If any of you have spare sounds feel free to make it in a Fox's Going to the Underworld song).

The Underworld was not a syndicate, hell or factory making knickers but a storage facility in the Space Potato Land for the unwanted, abandoned, despised and thrown away art.
Fox made a list of what he has seen as he went (tick the appropriate box) 
- art that was made with no foxes in mind
- art that is yet to be discovered (then one has to say Oh, wow!) 
- art that has been discovered and then hidden away for no particular reasons (usually followed by Oh, Crap!)
- art of artists who thought themselves not worthy to make “good art” and would not stand by what they made just in case they are right
-”bandwagon” art
-particularly nasty pictures of pretty dolls with tiny hands and “teddy bear” artist's art who weren't aware how creepy and unhappy their creations are. Teddy bears and dolls should always look and be happy, -thought Fox,- there is enough misery as it is. 

The Fox of Stillorgan didn't enjoy being in the Underworld, but could not see his way out of this sad and wretched place. To his amusement and surprise 12 FB's winged Like!s came and transported him to another, better life.  
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