If you'd like to draw a picture of a small dog, you might want read that

A holiday/vacation card....
Available on Blue Monkey's Summer Card on Artflakes

it says Каникулы in Russian, From the Latin Canicula, meaning "small dog", an alternative name of the star Sirius, which from the 24th of July to the 24th of August rises and sets at the same time as the sun, thus concerning this summer period. Summer holidays, as soon as exams are over... but in Space Potato Land anyone can have their holidays/vacations/kanikuly anytime they want to... And that's the time I would like to have one :) Hence the card. 

If anyone thinks a picture of a small dog is necessary, please, buy my card,  draw a small cute dog, scan or take a photo and send it to me.... you'll  be surprised how I will praise yours efforts and drawing skills! Seriously :) 

Fox of Stillorgan, Crocodile of Sandyford and Blue Monkey all wish you a great Summer! Enjoy! 

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