Help Anton fight cancer.

I found Anton's blog by chance and first read random articles about urban planning, urban environment and transport, and his travels. I liked his writings a lot.
It took me some time to realize that this young man (Anton is only 29) not only fights cancer but writes about his experience honestly on his blog, helping many others those lives were affected by this disease.
Anton needs our help as he is going through difficult and expensive treatment in USA.
Anton managed initially to get funding for going abroad when everything possible had been done back home through crowd funding.
Anton is in critical condition right now. He needs money to continue his treatment.

Please, share and tell as many people as possible. 

That's Anton's blog, it's in Russian,

There is an open group on Facebook (in English) with testimonials and updates.  

Anton's been living in NY for a while now, totally alone, going through grueling treatment with his usual courage, humor and love for life. He is in critical condition and needs our help. 

I feel privileged to get to know him through his writing and would like to help him as much as I could. 

I know that my blog is not among the popular and well read, but sometimes all it takes just one right person to see, to get involved, to tell other people. I hope this right person is reading this right now.
Please share! 

Thank you.  

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