Fox's Kidz.

Remember the Fox's Kidz?
Turns out there are 12 of them. That means I had to make  12 new painting just in time for the holidays.
AND! that means
Fox's Kidz are available on my new (not so shiny yet) Etsy shop !

I am just like everyone else, I'd like to buy a few things on Etsy but first I have to sell some of my art on Etsy in order to buy...well,  you've get an idea, it's old Crocodile/Egg dilemma (according to Fox of Stillorgan, not the classical philosophers).

Anyway, welcome to my shop, well done, Kidz (they all have their own name, mind you!) there bound to be one that will steal your heart, just watch out!

here is a short trailer to give you an idea :) Enjoy! (I'm a REALLY bad piano player, but if my writing didn't warn you off, then nothing would, right?)

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