I would like to add that

I used 4 colors painting Fox's Kidz.
Indian Yellow Hue (fluid acrylic)
Alizarin Crimson Hue (open acrylics)
Manganese Blue Hue  (artist colors) (all of Golden Colors) which I got as a promo pack at a workshop.

and White of Schmincke College Acrylic 

also I used Mars Black paint of System 3 Acrylics (mainly for painting eyes :)) 

Also Soft Gel Medium, Coarse Molding Paste and Crackle Paste from Golden Colors (which I bought, no freebies here).

and 13x13 Loxley deep edge canvases.

Thought it could be of some interest to anyone who use a lot of mixed media technique. 
I liked using these paints a lot, mostly because it's a quick and speedy process and I've done all 12 paintings in 3 days. It suits my style as I hate sitting around waiting when paint gets dry and I could add another layer. 

Disclaimer: I don't get paid or sponsored by  any paints manufacturers or art suppliers, with no intention to profit. Just sharing. Would be happy to get any kind of response about materials as there is so much about it I would like to learn. 

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