Naked Flame and Stiky Monkey.

A new card available on LiuBlueMonkey shop

Right. The only excuse for having a candlelit card making day is because I always wanted to.
Being pathetic and dramatic is accepted IF it is balanced by humor and  aesthetically fragmented, right?
well, fine by me anyway :)

There goes Stiky Monkey Card.

Some people find it difficult to remember a friend's birthday when it falls near a holiday.
Just think about how it feels if it is near Christmas (or ON the Christmas day). A Happy Brithday-mas presents and Christmas-themed parties... Christmas wrapping papers... Christmasy-looking birthday cards...

For grown-ups who might relate to that I (and Stiky Monkey) are offering a hand-made card
True Friends Remember it is Your Birthday Too!

Feeling special is very important especially on your Birthday, don't we all know?

This cards come in black/white and/or with colours lettering.
Watercolour paper.
One-side card, blank on the reverse.

10.5x15.5 cm.

Stiky Monkey Card is here for you and your friends. 
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