Peonies. and art.

I looked around with a fresh eyes and noticed that I have a very little of  art in my home.
There are a few photographs by Alex (which I love a lot, I'd like to say that when he is not busy working, he is a brilliant photographer!), a few museum's posters and maps of the cities we visited and liked. 
My own paintings and drawings are all over the place, stored in various boxes, folders, portfolios, shelves and in/on/ behind the cupboards. I haven't thought of them (and looked at ) anything but “a work in progress”. Surely there is more to it than that?
When I got the present from Amazing AlyZen Moonshadow I decided to make a few changes. 
I took off the wall a few maps to make a room,  framed (DIY style)  and hanged Peonies.
I realized that new art and some empty space on my walls brought a new source of joy and wonder.
I was surprised because I haven't thought I am in  need of new visuals. A few people complimented me on my new wall art and asked about it. 
I am delighted to say, that first of all, I've been  privileged to meet  the artist :) and we stay in touch even we are living in opposite hemispheres. or whatever hemispheres are, hope there are only two of them... 

Anyway, here it is,

Alyzen Moonshadow, Peonies.
Art print, 9x23 inch .
And my happy self...

Thanks AlyZen!
Check out AlyZen's work
or you cant buy AlyZen's art


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