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Fox's Kids.

Space Potato Land has been blessed with Foxes Kids (whatever happened to Fox of Stillorgan has yet to be seen). 
They are unnamed yet and they need some attention and care. 
Would you be one to bring them into you home and heart?  available on ARTFLAKES Fox Kids Dark
Fox Kids Light
Lisenki Light 
Lisenki Dark 

One day (every day) surprises. (there are so many tales, just need to listen )


A doppelgänger somewhere

in the world tries to balance a pair of tiny glasses on her giant nose...

Тополиная рубашка.

Владислав Крапивин.
The book I read when I was a kid: if your mum made you a T-shirt from a cloth made from poplar fluff then you could fly.

WOODY WOODman, SPWC, Dublin 2013.

My lousy garden :) (secretly I'm proud)...

I read Jeanette Winterson's essay in Harper's Bazaar, from an April's collection of essays on The Language of Flowers (an old copy in a hairdresser, ) and loved it.