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Cat and Dog meet again :)

Then :)


White Cat. We walked in the garden. A white cat sat there. A few tourists were taking pictures of the Cat. The Cat came over and lightly brushed her tail against my knees approving me as a Something Useful for the Cats. The others scattered across the garden's grounds. Soon the Cat left too. And I decided to get a tail.

Dogs. A big white dog and tiny terrier wanted to play. Their breathless owners finally caught up with them and took the tiny doggy away. The Big Dog looked disappointed but soon he was happy again.
If anyone wonders what is the occasion, then I proudly can tell that these two paintings (and one more I forgot to take a picture) are part of an exhibition in Ranelagh Arts Center, which officially opens 7.12 (after Christmas Tree Lightening Ceremony :) :) :)