Drawing while sitting on the rock and looking at motionless immobile objects is kind of boring, right?

Drawing and walking at the same time is much more fun.
A sketchbook filled with  very quick (whilst walking) sketches on a very short
22x12 cm hand-made notebook,pen.
I was lucky  that I didn't fall too, as the path was sometimes  kind of tricky for me, an ordinary walker :) and I wasn't always looking where I am going, concentrating on the scenery.
I couldn't afford spend more than 3 mins on each doodle.
also it was a good idea to use the heaviest paper I had to make this notebook: I can  draw on both sides of the pages without ink bleeding through.

Another great exercise is drawing from memory. My visual memory isn't that good, I have to pay attention to what I really would like to remember. My tiny baby notebook (10x14 cm) last year was  a mixed bag, some of the sketches were just a reminder of funny things I've seen, like a passenger checking-in his bag, trying to prove that his luggage is a cabin size and tearing the bloody thing in a half in a process, or a boy breaking away from his classmates admiring Piazza Maggiore's Palazzo on a school trip   to kick a pigeon  with a terrifying scream: Piccione! (not really nice, but the pigeon just flew away unharmed). My drawing depicting this even is as dramatic as it was then an there,  and  I like to look at it when I have a chance (yes, I'm that vain) and you could see that drawing on the page 7. 
I started this notebook from the middle, to break the habit of chronological monotony. Did it work? 
I also liked how Bologna porticoes looked like and drew them as repeated motives.
on the last pages a  cat and bird, pig and dog  playing music came from the  manuscript's illuminations of a lecture on  medieval music we have attended. It was in Italian, in a church, with  an organ playing and a choir,  that was an education :) 

I drew Pisa in both books, but I would never ever even come close to the secret of it's monuments and buildings. Next time better! 

Italian Holiday 2013 

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