Bulb Maintenance.

We were given a book list before my first year in college which  had  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance among many other titles
I can't honestly remember if I've  ever attempted to read it, I think not.
 My dad used to have  motorcycles around the house.  I used to have my own cherry-colored helmet and ride with my Dad. Anyone who got to ride a bike  will remember that exhilarating and brilliant sensation for the rest of the life!!! But  the book  title  with Zen and motorcycle in it  was absolutely dense to me. I failed to get all this fictional philosophical stuff.  There is no art! Just spare part and little bit of luck :)
Anyway.  I have flowers (instead of a bike/motorcycle) and  I would like to learn more and how to look after them properly. Untill now they were left to their own devices and they did great so far!
I totally get all the philosophy about plants and life and art this time round. He-he. 
As I'm going  to move them to a different containers next spring and maybe  to get new soil,   the special "Spring Bulb's soil' I've seen it in the shops. Till now I had  to do with a regular soil from ALDI.  It's closer to my house :) After the foliage faded I dug the bulbs and spread in a shaded place to dry. I didn't manage to figure out how much to water them after the flowering and I think I've overdone it. I'm lucky they didn't caught any rot and look kind of OK. Maybe they are not that good looking, you'd better tell me!
It's all for now! 

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