How to learn painting technique? Go To the beach!

"Are you French?" asked us a few people.
"Eh? Er...erm" - or something like that we answered.
Are we?
Sandycove Beach, low tide. 

They didn't wait for an answer anyway, because it doesn't really matter. They must have thought that  anyone having a go at painting outside (and bringing an easel) is in it for the love of painting.  
We (I and my friend) have a few rules for painting outside:
1. Don't be grumpy, it's bad for  painting. 
2. Clean your brushes. Bad for the painting. 
3. Use beautiful colours, we see no benefit in using muddy stuff... 
4. Clean your brushes!
5. Don't push hard on your crayons. 
That's all for now! 

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