More garden views from the balcony...

Previous autumn I collected a planted some seeds
 from the street I live on.

What I got was  kind of "everything goes" container
in my balcony garden. I wish I could have a bigger
patch of random grass and flowers,
growing by itself and being wild and unkempt.
It's not the same as the glorious "herbal hedges" or "herbal gardens",
far from it, it's just something I knew when I was a little kid,
just "grass" under my bare feet along with dust and sand.
I miss that.
Surprisingly I don't have any dandelions which I like the most :)
Wonder why? 

Crazy Squirrel doesn't agree with my gardening style
but we have yet to see what's his ideal garden. 
I think he likes some kind of hydroponic ...


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