Photobomb Crazy Squirrel Style

isn't really a photobomb, it's more of a portrait of Squirrel the Crazy!
 I meant to take a photo of sea birds, I think they were cormorants.
Big fat cormorants, they were,  sitting on the rocks with their triangle wings always spread wide, like they are permanently exited or want to hug everyone or just afraid to lose balance and collapse into the sea. Which I presume isn't a big deal for the cormorants, except they maybe don't want to be seen doing it by accident. If I was a cormorant I wouldn't want others to see me keep tumbling down from the rock all the time. I'd be a very show-off type of cormorant.
Just kidding! Anyway, because of my friend here we'd never know anything useful about those cormorants I saw the other day. It was low-tide and I managed to walk (scramble really) along the coast line to get closer to them. It was good there weren't any seagulls around, the ones who are laughing all the time. they were busy laughing  somewhere else  -laughing-seagull-


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