Do you really know what I am doing? Would you like to find out?

 I decided to help you (and myself) out by writing a post of what exactly I am doing here anyway.  
3.writing and making books
4. Instagramming obsessively
5.coloring outside the lines
6. admiring other people's art
7. learning new stuff
8. making stuff in general and making stuff up
9.finding new ways of being obsessed about/with art
10. watching and memorizing
11. drinking (mostly tea, but other stuff will do too)

Is that everything? Really? most of the people are doing that and OTHER awesome stuff!!!
 I could have said that was a description of my FB artist's page ElevenForms

I would like to make it as clear as I could what it is I do as an artist,
I was really surprised to find out it was both fun and not so much fun to figure that out.
I was thinking of putting: just messing on the list, but then I decided not to. I am not "there yet", and I am so "past that", I am in a whole new zone of taking everything lightly and very serious simultaneously.

and if you have any suggestions or questions, please, let me know, I really  appreciate that!
Thank you very much! 


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