Books are New Cards! Printed!

As an addition to the digital publication of my tiny stories "The Book of Light " "Светлая Книга" here and здесь I am happy to offer a printed version of each on

I ordered mine, looked and read,  made some changes, revised, made changes again, and finally they are ready for anyone who likes paper books more than on-screen pages. 

To keep the cost low I had to get rid of all the pages which are necessary to make a book but in that case I can live without which left me just with   a black and white cover  and full cover inside pages.
I liked the quality of the printing,  all my painterly  texture and tricks are shown very well. 
I am very pleased how these books turned out AND I have a huge respect for anyone who is involved in any kind of publishing business!!! It's a lot of work! 

Links to the printed books:

An illustrated book telling a short story in 57 words and 6 painting about the inhabitants of the Land where the Fox of Stillorgan lives. The Fox of Stillorgan is a self-assured sophisticated creature, the main character and creator of carefully constructed world of his own.
A book-companion to "Светлая Книга" by the same author.

Русский: Светлая Книга.
Иллюстрированный короткий рассказ (чуть больше 40 слов и 6 иллюстраций) из жизни Лиса из Стиллоргана и других обитателей этого выдуманного Лисом мира.
Книга-двойник "TheBook of Light" by Liubov Kadyrova

Thank you and Enjoy! 


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