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Drawing (sitting still)

Have I  said that before? 

Well, I re-discovered the joy of sitting still and drawing again! (whoopie-doo, lets have a dance and a song about it, maybe not.)  anyway, here it is. Dublin Castle. A very long time. Snore. Like the drawing though. Also glad I've tried a new calligraphy brush. Works for me. 

on the lighter side, a few quick sketches, something like 50 a day, as I used to do, much less now, but I've run out of time and had to wrap it up. 

A day out.


I've made  a few drawings, but they a little bit wonky (even by Blue Monkey's standards) to show. I wish I have had a more time there!


These people are not just diving for fun and pleasure. They are keeping watch  on Irish Sea. They didn't hang about  for long and I've been able to draw them only for a few minutes. I wish they could tell us a good news about the  seabed, that it's all clean and safe. I hope they will continue their good work!